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    A comprehensive guide to New York Acting Schools.

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      Circle in the Square Theatre School - [RDL]
      Objective: Circle in the Square Theatre School's primary objective is to train actors and singers for work in the professional theatre, film and TV with traditional and experimental approaches to dramatic presentation. Upon completion of the program you will have the range and ability to to perform varied styles and forms of theatre, film and television and so your talents can be drawn upon to support the outstanding tradition of performance for which Circle in the Square is renowned. The program is designed and structured to help each student develop technique and style with primary emphasis on the development of both intellectual and physical aspects so that the actor can achieve a successful interpretation of a role and work effectively as an ensemble member.
      Location: New York

      Juilliard School - [RDL]
      Objective: After more than a quarter-century, The Juilliard School's Drama Division has remained faithful to the mission described in its very first recruitment brochure:

      "We are trying to form an actor equipped with all possible means of dramatic production, capable of meeting the demands of today's and tomorrow's ever-changing theater, an actor who is capable of participating in those changes and who is inventive enough to contribute to them. For in the final analysis, whatever experiments may be attempted through fresh forms of writing, on new stages, using the latest technical devices, everything ultimately depends on the human being - the actor."
      Location: New York

      Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute - [RDL]
      Objective: Lee Strasberg, legendary teacher of acting, was a man of great vision, responsible for the tradition of artistic truth and reality in acting that began in America over 50 years ago. The dream lives on. At the "The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute", his concepts are taught to the serious actor of today.
      Location: New York

      The Acting Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The Acting Studio, Inc. is a private studio committed to the achievement of excellence in acting and directing as forms of creativity in art and entertainment. It is the perfect place for the serious actor. The Studio's associate directors, James Price and John Grabowski, have dedicated themselves to providing a comprehensive forum for actor and director training.
      Location: New York

      American Musical and Dramatic Academy - [RDL]
      Objective: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy has excelled in its mission to train young artists toward success in the extraordinary world of the performing arts.
      Location: New York

      TVI Actors Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: In the course of a decade, TVI has grown to be well-respected by industry authorities and working actors alike in both New York and Los Angeles. Constantly looking for new ways to offer services needed by actors developing their careers is why TVI Actors Studio is the nation's premiere center for professional actors.
      Location: New York

      American Academy Of Dramatic Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: The Academy trains actors for stage, film and television by means of a structured, professionally-oriented program that stresses self-discovery, self-discipline and individuality. Academy training is, above all, practical. At each stage of development students are challenged to put what has been studied in classrooms to the test in performance.
      Location: New York

      Binghamton University Theatre - [RDL]
      Objective: The Theatre Department provides graduate and undergraduate curricula in the history, theory, and practice of theater for liberal arts students as well as for students preparing for active competition in some aspects of the academic or professional theater.
      Location: New York

      Robert X. Modica - [RDL]
      Objective: Robert wants actors that he works with to be aware of the significant part they play in being a participant in the Art of Acting that takes place as a celebration and shared experience with other human beings called, "Audiences." That in transforming themselves as characters in a play or movie, they are serving a higher purpose.
      Location: New York

      The Art of Acting / Breaking Into Acting for Dummies / Acting: Make It Your Business
      An Agent Tells All / The Ultimate Audition Book / Acting Is Everything

      New York University - [RDL]
      Objective: Finishing on time and within budget is Hollywood's No.1 mantra, and the same goes at NYU. During the first year students make a number of short exercise films. In the second year, everyone completes a documentary on digital video, followed by a third-year agenda that requires shooting a thesis film and writing a feature-length screenplay.
      Location: New York

      Broadway Classroom - [RDL]
      Objective: Broadway Classroom creates enriching and entertaining Broadway experiences for student and adult groups. A cooperative effort between some of the most exciting and educational shows on Broadway, Broadway Classroom offers groups of all ages
      Location: New York

      Improvisation Classes taught by Susan Kaessinger - [RDL]
      Objective: Teaches improvisational acting skills which enable the performer to improve their confidence, spontaneity & creativity. Improvisation also teaches students to work as an ensemble and to validate and support their fellow performers.
      Location: New York

      The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: Two-Year accredited film acting program, summer programs, part-time workshops.
      Location: New York

      One Destiny Productions - [RDL]
      Objective: A Manhattan based recording studio and commercial production facility, providing voice over artists with group workshops, demo production, and in-studio coaching.
      Location: Manhattan

      The Acting - Drama Therapy Centre of New York - [RDL]
      Objective: This centre is dedicated to training actors technically and emotionally for the demands of the industry.
      Location: New York

      The Actors Theatre Workshop - [RDL]
      Objective: The creative foundation of ATW is the culmination of Thurman E. Scott’s long, award-winning career as an actor, teacher, writer, director and producer as well as his distinction as the only Artistic Director who has trained with all the masters: Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, Bobby Lewis, Harold Clurman, Peggy Fury, Herbert Berghof, Jerzey Growtowski, and Alec Rubin. In his many years as a professional theatre artist, Mr. Scott has developed a unique and powerful acting system for the actor to express deep emotional reality and complex behavior through a trained and disciplined dramatic imagination.
      Location: New York

      Kimball Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The philosophy at Kimball Studio is that they act with truth. The environment is one that fosters the delicate balance between trust and risk, so that no one is afraid to be bold. Writers, directors and producers are encouraged to join in. The teaching blends several different classic and new techniques to develop one that is organic and personal for each actor. We learn through doing.
      Location: New York

      New York Film Academy - [RDL]
      Objective: The New York Film Academy was founded ten years ago on a belief that a top quality education in filmmaking should be accessible to anyone with the drive and ambition to make films. The school opened in Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center. Today the New York Film Academy occupies its own building, formerly known as Tammany Hall, as well as a complete school facility at Universal Studios and locations in numerous countries.
      Location: New York

      Actors Theatre Workshop - [RDL]
      Objective: The Actors Theatre Workshop is a professional non-profit theatre company committed to addressing the conflicts and issues of our community through the creation of theatre. ATW develops and produces original, classical and contemporary works for stage and film. Through The Scott Acting Conservatory, ATW trains professional theatre artists in the art and craft of acting and writing and teaches original creative techniques that open up intuitive abilities, unlock curiosity, develop the imagination and liberate creative expression. ATW also teaches our original creative techniques to individuals from all walks of life, from business professionals in our Creative Expression Workshop for Non-Theatre Professionals to formally homeless children in our theater arts mentorship program, The Builders of the New World. These techniques reveal the wonderful, powerful creative force in all people and demonstrate that creativity is the great equalizer of human beings.
      New York

      Michael Rock's Improvisation Classes - [RDL]
      Objective: Develop your spontaneity, creativity, self-confidence and interpersonal skills......and have FUN doing it!
      Location: New York, New York

      Ward Studio - [RDL]
      Objective: The Ward Studio is unique among training programs in New York in that it provides complete traditional Meisner training and one-on-one career mentoring. Other schools may train you, but most do not have a structure in place to support you as you make the transition from the classroom to the marketplace and begin seriously pursuing a career.
      Location: New York, New York

      Peter Kelley Acting - [RDL]
      Objective: Professional acting training for film and television. Peter offers rigorous, ongoing classes for actors who are pursuing careers in film and long-form dramatic television and are seeking training to increase their proficiency and comfort on-set. Work is text-based and focuses on both the challenges and benefits specific to film . Classes center on straightforward scenework, all shot in close-up; no warm-ups, improvisations, theatre games, etc. in the classes. Intermediate and advanced level only; no beginning level classes available at this time. Private coaching is available.
      Location: Tribeca, New York

      The Ted Bardy Studio, Inc. - [RDL]
      Objective: INTENSE, PERSONALIZED ACTING INSTRUCTION FOR THE SERIOUS, DEDICATED ARTIST. Motivated beginners, advanced actors, and working professionals all are welcome. Stanislavski/Meisner-based approach. Affordable, small intimate classes. Actors work multiple times every class. Current and former students include Broadway performers, Emmy award winners, and principals in feature films and network television. The Ted Bardy Studio offers a unique, accelerated 3-phase program in the Meisner technique. Special professional workshops offer an exhilirating environment in which active and former Members of the Studio, and advanced actors and working professionals of the highest caliber from outside the Studio, can feel safe enough to risk failure and therefore challenge themselves, keep limber, and grow as artists. Ted Bardy (when not instructing) personally supervises, observes, and evaluates all student work in all classes and workshops.
      Location: Union Square section of New York City

      Class Act Studios - [RDL]
      Objective: class act studios is westchester's most sought after professional school for dramatic instruction since 1989. These workshops are designed specifically to help provide you with everything you need to know about performing in front of the camera or on the stage. We offer programs for the little ones to the young at heart!
      Location: White Plains

      Oxford Shake-speare Company - [RDL]
      Objective: Shakespeare training through workshop classes leading to productions of the plays. Training in voice, movement, improv, and text analysis. A conservatory approach.
      Location: New York

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