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    A comprehensive guide to United Kingdom Acting Schools.

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      East 15 Acting School - [RDL]
      Objective: East 15 grew from the work of Joan Littlewood's famed Theatre Workshop. Much of the Littlewood approach was based upon the theories of Stanislavski, and the company inherited the socially committed spirit of the Unity Theatre movement, which brought many new voices into British Theatre for the first time. Theatre Workshop broke new ground, re-interpreting the classics for a modern age, commissioning new plays from socially committed writers, and creating an ensemble capable of inventing new work, such as the now legendary "Oh What a Lovely War." Littlewood created a wonderful ensemble, who combined inspired, improvisational brilliance with method, technique, research, text analysis, and the expression of real emotions.
      Location: London

      Liverpool Insitute For The Performing Arts - [RDL]
      Objective: Whether you see yourself as an actor, community artist, dancer, designer, enterprise manager, lighting or theatre technician, musician or sound technologist, the reality is that you will always be working with people from the other disciplines. Your ability to deliver your specialist skills alongside others delivering theirs will be an invaluable asset and will determine your survival.
      Location: Liverpool

      Conference Of Drama Schools - [provides links to schools] - [RDL]
      Objective: Drama school courses vary from degree or diploma courses for actors and stage managers to postgraduate courses for people who have already attended university. These courses are designed to prepare people for work in the professional theatre, film, television, radio and associated industries. While the majority of students will be from the UK, a significant number of places are available for people from other parts of the globe, in particular from continental Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, North America and the Far East. Many people have trained at British drama schools and have returned to their own countries to pursue successful careers.
      Location: London

      Bristol Old Vic Theatre School - [RDL]
      Objective: They deliberately do not adhere to any one philosophy or style of teaching in acting, design or production. It is their aim to offer their students the best possible training and personal preparation for a career in a profession which makes increasingly varied demands upon the individuals it employs.
      Location: Bristol

      University of Exeter - [RDL]
      Objective: The Exeter Department of Drama is nationally distinguished for its teaching and for its research over the 30 years since its foundation in the late 1960s. It pioneered methods of learning through practice that are now accepted in other universities. It is a fundamental aim of the programme that all its students should be involved in the practice of theatre as well as in historical and theoretical approaches. Most of the teaching and learning is undertaken in the various studios that are our main teaching spaces. Academic and practical work are not distinct from each other at Exeter: thinking has practical outcomes and practice invites thought.
      Location: Exeter [3 hours from London]

      Guildhall School of Music & Drama - [RDL]
      Objective: The course is designed to develop the range of skills necessary in a profession which makes varied demands. It encourages the development of flexibility and versatility, enabling actors to move with confidence between classical and modern theatre, film, television and radio. It develops awareness of a wide range of theatre practice. There is a strong international dimension that is crucial for actors working in the theatre of tomorrow. The course lays the foundation for a lifetime development in the art of acting.
      Location: London

      Royal Halloway University Of London - [RDL]
      Objective: The Department at Royal Holloway is larger than most of its British counterparts, having fourteen full-time members of staff, with five technical assistants and a number of other specialists coming in to teach on a part-time basis. This enables them to provide specialist teaching in many aspects of the theatre, from Classical Greek theatre to the theatre of the Absurd, from Japanese Noh to modern film.
      Location: Surrey

      Act Up - [RDL]
      Objective: None given
      Location: Lavander Hill, London

      Birmingham School of Acting - [RDL]
      Objective: Birmingham School of Acting is a leading vocational drama school that provides training for contemporary theatre training. We offer a range of courses including a BA (Hons) Acting (three-year) and the MA in Acting (one-year), both of which are accredited by the National Council for Drama Training, plus BA (hons) degrees in Stage Management, Community and Applied Theatre and Community and Applied Dance Theatre and further MA courses in Professional Voice Practice and Acting: The British Tradition$. Birmingham School of Acting also offers a series of part-time and summer school courses for young people and adults. We audition students from outside of the UK during the URTAs in the USA, normally seeing people in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Registration for these auditions is usually open from September but check the website for details.
      Location: Birmingham

      School of Physical Theatre - [RDL]
      Objective: The School of Physical Theatre, based in LONDON, U.K., offers a one year full time professional training programme; summer intensive courses, a summer theme course, Theatreworks production year programme and a pedagogical programme. We run 3 intensive weekends each year. Email or us for brochures and information. The School has been operating for over 25 years, providing students with aninnovative and dynamic theatre training experience. Our international reputation attracts students from across the globe. This cross-cultural resonance provides a dynamic opportunity tore-create the world in the theatrical space. The School was founded in 1978 in Toronto,Canada, under the guidance of director and principal, Ron East. It was originally constituted as a summerprogramme to support a professional touring company MCU Productions. The curriculum engendered such an enthusiastic response that in 1979 the first full-time programme wasinitiated. In 1984 the School wasformed as an independent organisation. The school has operated successfully since that time except in 1989/90when Mr. East was invited to return to the Ecole Jacques LeCoq in Paris tocomplete the pedagogical programme and to certify as an instructor of the LeCoqmethod and complete the Laboritoire d’Etudes du Mouvement. The School moved itsoperations to London UK in 1999 where it now makes its home.
      Location: Bromley by Bow

      The Art of Acting / Breaking Into Acting for Dummies / Acting: Make It Your Business
      An Agent Tells All / The Ultimate Audition Book / Acting Is Everything

      Actorspace - [RDL]
      Objective: One-to-one drama coaching from experienced working actors. We can help you explore and develop your audition technique, improve your business presentation, build on skills you have already gained, or to explore acting for the first time.
      Location: London

      London Repertory Company Academy - [RDL]
      Objective: At the heart of the London Repertory Company is the return to the centuries old tradition of acting being a handed-down craft. This uniquely structured two year part-time acting training is designed to equip students with all the techniques required to enjoy a successful career in the acting profession and offers an accessible, affordable alternative to full-time drama schools.
      Location: London

      ASAD (The Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing) - [RDL]
      Objective: What is good acting? How does one create believable characters? How can an actor understand a character, if they do not understand themselves? Why if so many people want to act well, so few do? The Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing (ASAD) is one of the world's leading drama training establishments. With a highly acclaimed book published on the acting technique it founded and a mission to create a coherent, working methodology for actors and directors, the Academy has rapidly established itself as a centre of excellence and innovation. Our courses, from 1 week to 3 years BA (Hons), offer the most thorough and complete training for a profession in acting and directing for theatre, film, television and radio. Your course at ASAD will provide you with clear points of reference to create unforgettable characters time and time again.
      Location: London

      The Saturday Acting Academy - [RDL]
      Objective: The academy's objective is to provide students with an insight into the workings of London's top drama schools and the rehearsal techniques of the UK's top theatres, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre. These Saturday acting classes are run by Olivier-award-winning RSC directors and cover Shakespeare, modern text, acting for TV/Film and audition technique. The school’s patron is Sir Antony Sher and its small classes help students to explore their artistic potential in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The school also offers one of the UK's top Summer Schools.
      Location: Central London

      Acting School North - [RDL]
      Objective: The school’s Professional Practice programme will help students prepare for the world of work. During the 1 year course, students’ performances will be filmed, providing them with material for a varied portfolio to present to agents and casting directors. Professional actors, agents and casting directors will be on hand to offer advice and support through a series of full-day workshops each term. Fringe theatre productions will be developed and managed by students for public consumption and to professional standards, mentored by Acting School North, enabling them to fully experience the fundraising, managerial and creative demands required to produce work for real audiences.
      Location: Leeds

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