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    29 December 1936
    Brooklyn, New York

    Is there anyone out there who hasn't heard of Mary Tyler Moore? Perhaps today's generation, but then there is no need for them to be deprived since Mary Tyler Moore's talents can be appreciated in not only her current projects, but in various reruns all over the world.
          Ranked #22 in Entertainment Weekly's 100 Greatest Entertainers, Moore's life reads like some tragic movie-of-the-week; from failed marriages, alcohol addiction, sickness, family deaths, and many more compelling aspects that would give any Soap Opera a run for its money. Needless to say, her life has not been a walk in the park, and the troubles she battled in her personal life over the years, were hidden quite well behind the facade of "America's Sweetheart".
          Mary began her career as a dancing elf in an appliance commercial, then after numerous auditions and several guest appearances on TV shows, she got the part of Laura Petrie in "The Dick Van Dyke Show", and quickly snuggled into the hearts of American audiences. She went on to appear in television projects as well as feature films, then almost a decade later, she was again taking control of the comedic airwaves with her role of Mary Richards in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". It was a role of a strong, independant, professional woman, but yet, Mary was still considered as a goody-two-shoes. Not a bad thing, but Mary wanted to break out of that image in order to pursue more challenging, dramatic roles. It took some time, but her chance came in 1980 with "Ordinary People", when she played the role of domineering matriarch to Timothy Hutton's psychologically scarred son. It was a part that went on to earn her an Oscar nomination, and to delightfully broaden her fans' expectations.
          Mary lives in New York with her husband, Dr. Robert Levine, whom she married in November 1983.
    Photo © Nigel Parry/EW

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    - Cheaters (2001)
    - Labor Pains (2000)
    - Mary and Rhoda (2000) [TV]
    - Reno Finds Her Mom (1997)
    - Keys to Tulsa (1997)
    - Payback (1997) [STV]
    - Flirting with Disaster (96)
    - The Naked Truth (1995) [TV]
    - Forbidden Memories (1995) [TV]
    - New York News (1995) [STV]
    - Stolen Babies (1993) [TV]
    - Thanksgiving Day (1990) [TV]
    - The Last Best Year (1990) [TV]
    - Annie McGuire (1988) [STV]
    - Lincoln (1988) [TV]
    - Just Between Friends (1986)
    - Mary (1985) [STV]
    - Finnegan Begin Again (1985) [TV]
    - Heartsounds (1984) [TV]
    - Six Weeks (1982)
    - Ordinary People (1980)
    - Mary Tyler Moore Hour (79) [STV]
    - First, You Cry (1978) [TV]
    - Mary (1978) [STV]
    - Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970) [STV]
    - Run a Crooked Mile (1969) [TV]
    - Change of Habit (1969)
    - Don't Just Stand There! (1968)
    - What's So Bad About Feeling Good? (68)
    - Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
    - Danny Kaye Show (1963) [TV]
    - Andy Williams Show (1962) [TV]
    - X-15 (1961)
    - Dick Van Dyke Show (1961) [STV]
    - Straightaway (1961) [TV]
    - Thriller (1960) [TV]
    - Surfside 6 (1960) [TV]
    - The Aquanauts (1960) [TV]
    - The Deputy (1959) [TV]
    - Staccato (1959) [TV]
    - Bourbon Street Beat (1959) [TV]
    - Hawaiian Eye (1959) [TV]
    - Lock Up (1959) [TV]
    - Bronco (1958) [TV]
    - Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958) [TV]
    - Steve Canyon (1958) [TV]
    - 77 Sunset Strip (1958) [TV]
    - Bachelor Father (1957) [TV]
    - Richard Diamond, Private Detective (57) [TV]
    - The Millionaire (1955) [TV]
    - Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (1951) [TV]


    - Buffalo Gal (2001)


    - Mary and Rhoda (2000) [TV]


    - Mary and Rhoda (2000) [TV]


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