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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    1) What's with all the PopUps?

    Most advertisers use them to promote their best deals, so give them a look before you close them down. Buying through a PopUp can save you a lot of money.

    We try to have most of them popup behind your browser, and set them to only PopUp once while you are here.

    A number of them are timed to appear several seconds apart so that you don't get overwhelmed.

    Additionally, sometimes advertisers change the category of their ads without notice. If you happen to notice any ad that is adult/pornographic in nature, please let us know and we will look into it so it can be removed...Thanks for your help in this important matter.

    2) Can I send a letter via email to my favorite celebrity through Thespian Net?

    No. Thespian Net has no contact with the celebrities listed on our site.

    3) Is Thespian Net affiliated with the studios?

    No we are not. We operate independently from the studios. However, we endeavor to participate in promotions or special events they may offer.

    4) Is Thespian Net an acting school?

    No we are not. We simply list sites for acting schools that are available on the Net.

    5) Would Thespian Net do some research for me on my favorite celebrity?

    No we will not. All the information we have on listed celebrities is already on our site. However, we invite our visitors to contribute information they may have on their favorite celebrity.

    6) Can I use the images you have posted of my favorite celebrity?

    Yes. Thespian Net does not own the copyright to any material posted on our site [excluding our own logos]. We only use images for promoting celebrities and the movies and television shows they appear in. However, be aware that all images are copyrighted material and you should give credit [when known] to the copyright holder. Additionally, if you take photos from our site that does not indicate a copyright owner, we may have obtained the image for our own use. If you want to use that type of photo, please give us credit and a link back to our site. Thanks.

    7) What are the [report] and [report broken link] buttons about?

    They are there to allow you to report a broken link. All you have to do is click on the button, then hit SEND when the email box comes up. All we need to know is already in the subject line.

    8) I click on my favorite stars but nothing happens. What's up?

    Be patient. We will have info on them ASAP. There are thousands of actors out there, and we want to make sure we get them all. So if your favorite star is on our list, you can be sure they will eventually have their own page.

    Fansite Listings:

    1) Why hasn't my site been added?

    You will not be added if you missed or are in violation of one of the Rules & Regulations. Read them over carefully.

    2) When will my site be added?

    Sites are added once a week on Sundays, depending on volume of submissions. We try to add them at least within two weeks.

    3) How do I change the URL of a site I already have listed?

    Click on the [report broken link] beside your site listing, and in the body of the email let us know the new URL. This is the only way we fix broken links.

    4) I found a disgusting site in your listings. How do I report it?

    If you happen to visit one of the Sites listed in our Fansite Listings and the content has either changed or now contains nudity, or pornographic/adult themed material, click on the [report broken link] button beside the offending link and in the BODY of the email let us know the problem. Thank you for your help and cooperation in this important matter.

    Talent Pool & Resume Listings:

    1) Why hasn't my submission been added?

    If you fail to be added to our Talent Pool it will be because you did not follow at least ONE of the instructions.

    2) How long does it take to get added?

    Allow several weeks after submitting to be added.

    3) How do I remove my child or myself from your listings?

    Click on your photo, then in the PopUp Window use the REMOVE THIS LISTING link. DO NOT change the Subject Line. If you do our spam/virus filters will not let your request through.

    We hope this clears up some of your questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact us.

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