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    The following sites have been selected by fans and Thespian Net as being worthy of receiving our AMAZING SITE AWARD. We keep winning sites listed for at least a month.

    Thespian Net


    October 4, 2006

    Acting on the Web
    Acting on the Web is an amazing site that has been on line since 1999 teaching thousands of young and old people world wide the basics of professional acting. Founded with the idea that many people around the world want to act or learn to act or know if they have the lest talent to act themselves, but the are in places far from Hollywood or New York. This site has helped thousands of people like that, teenagers or housewives with twins who never got a chance to do what there heart desired and that was to act. Many, many sites have copied this site founded by actor and director Frank Cavestani but it was the first and that in itself is a good reason to give this site a Thespian Award.

    October 4, 2006

    Sly Center
    The best site on the web dedicated to Sylvester Stallone. Get lots of visitors and very good site. This site absolutely deserves this award.

    October 4, 2006

    Gerard Butler Angels
    GB Angels is a multi-award winning fansite dedicated to Scottish Actor, Gerard Butler. The members have fun engaging in interesting discussions & playing games in a friendly forum and chat room. The members enjoy the latest news, information, photos & multimedia clips. - Linda

    September 22, 2006
    This site is dedicated to the man and career of Gerard Butler. The reason I believe it deserves this award is the great amount of information available at my fingertips everytime I visit. - coxyde123 is the most comprehensively informative and fun Gerard Butler site. - Lynne Mendenhall

    All the news on my favorite actor up to date at one site! Also, the site is tastefully administered and the forums are monitored with respect for Gerard Butler and his fans. - Anne McEowen

    I would like to vote for for this award. I've been a member for over 3 years and I'm still amazed at how well informed each member is about Gerard Butler's career. Strictly, no rumors or photos by papparazzi are allowed. His personal life is kept just that, personal. Thousands of members all gather to discuss his career. It's just a an excellent site. - Meenah

    This is a very informative and well organized fan site. The administrators are professional and they ensure that there is no disrespect on the site both towards Gerard Butler and other fans. This includes not allowing paparazzi pictures to be posted. There is a wealth of pictures available for viewing on the fan site without needed to invade the actorís privacy. It also has many interviews and information on where to buy Gerardís films, upcoming projects and the like and is very well kept to date with all the latest news. - Suzanne

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