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    Hello. My name is Kristina. I am the webmaster of ThespianNet, and I just wanted to say that listed below are some of the best books on screenplay writing I have bought myself. I have a large collection of screenplay books [I'm obssessed I think], and I must say, that each book has given me some insight into the art of writing for film. All my books have numerous notes in the margins [I finally started writing them in pencil, duh. Took me long enough]. I suggest that when you read any of these books, that you read them with one of your story ideas in mind. That's what I do [thus the margin notes] and the ideas just start to flow. Things I would have never thought of just suddenly stretch out before me and quite often take me in totally unexpected, yet amazing, directions. Reading a book on screenplay writing is the best way for me to whack myself out of Writers Block. You just can't help getting creative. Okay. That's it. I just wanted to share.

    Another way to get an idea of how a screenplay is structured, is to simply read a screenplay. You will see its structure. You will see how dialogue looks on the page. You will see how action is taken care of. All these elements are important in the writing process. And believe me, what you see on the screen is a lot different than what you see on paper. So, with that said, below are some available screenplays. You will be surprised by what you discover.

    Feel free to do your own search for a specific screenplay. All 4 search boxes will work. I just put 4 cause I thought it looked better.

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